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What’s in a name?

At my book signing on the first of September, a friend asked how I came up with the name Living Waters and what had been my motivation for writing the book. I’ll answer the first one today. Next blog I will handle the question of motivation. So…

One morning in the summer of 2015, having just returned to Charleston to begin writing, I was out for a mid-morning walk. I was about a mile out from home and had just turned back when the skies opened up. I had no umbrella. I wore only light summer attire. I got drenched.

More importantly, I let go. What do I mean by that? I had been holding on to a lot of stress over what direction the book should go, what to call it, how was I possibly going to write it, etc. That morning the stress level was high, the uncertainty at max volume in my head.

In the midst of the deluge, I looked skyward into the cleansing rain. At that moment the title came to me--Living Waters.

The title is a double entendre. On the faith side, it represents the story in the book of John, when Jesus is with the Samaritan woman at the well. He offers himself as the living water, assuring her if she drank from His ‘well’ she would never again thirst. On the Lowcountry side, it represents the life, the joy, and the nurturing aspect of the creeks and waterways of my hometown.

I immediately relaxed into the moment that summer morning. I let the rain wash over me. The second half of my walk was peaceful. The rain continued to pour, but rather than fuss about it, I took it all in stride as the reminder of God's presence that it was.


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